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Looking for inexpensive DIY furniture plans? These three projects will show you how to turn stock kitchen cabinets into a TV stand, a storage cabinet and an entry bench. As a world-class penny pincher, I've found that stock cabinets are the key to low-cost, good-quality DIY furniture. I get

This DIY outdoor furniture project requires moderate skills, for example making biscuit joints with a biscuit joiner, although a router makes a good alternative if you don't have a biscuit joiner. This bench can be completed in a weekend, and costs between $100 and $500 to build, depending on your choice of wood.

DIY Cabinet Makeover: From Danish Modern to "Antique" Chinese Back in his bachelor apartment days, my husband got a nondescript Danish cabinet. This cabinet was like a guy's boxy T-shirt - no style when style is scary, and it filled a need without offending anyone.

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Looking for a DIY furniture project? What kind? We've got beds and dressers and storage and tables. And even things I have no idea how to categorize haha. . Take a look below and browse by type or by room. Simply click on an image for a list of projects in that category. Or click the image below to search ALL categories at once. .